Video Voice Over Archived Session

Using 3 programs you can create simple voice overs.  In this tutorial we use Discover Streaming to gather video, Audacity to compete a voice over, and Windows Live Movie Maker to piece it all together.

Google Maps Archived Session

Google maps can be used in the classroom to give students reference to location.  Since students can create their own maps it opens opportunities for students to interact with knowledge.  Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to create your own map.
Animoto is a web 2.0 tool where the user creates videos from still images, text and video clips.   It is a quick and easy site to use and they have unlimited videos for teachers and their students.  If you haven't tried this site then today should be the day.  You will be impressed with how easy it is to create.

Archived Animoto Tutorial

Prezi is a presentation tool and another option for students or teachers other then powerpoint.  Give prezi a try in your classroom.  

Archived Prezi Tutorial

Photo peach is an online tool that allows you to use your own photos to create an animated slideshow.  It also allows you to create a simple multiple choice visual quiz.  I will be demonstrating the steps to creating your own photo peach. 

Photopeach archived session

As we get more schools onto wireless you may be finding that any streaming on the internet has been slowed down.  Watch this session to learn how to down load a video prior to your lesson to ensure playback is smooth.

How to Download Videos Archived Session