Throughout October I have been working with a number of teachers and classrooms.  I would love to highlight the Grade One class in Condor.  Wow what a lovely group of kids.  They have been working on their Science Outcomes  for Topic B:  Seasonal Changes.  During a fall walk the students took pictures using digital camera's of the evidence of Fall.  After compiling all of the images the teacher realized that she wanted more of a reflection of what the pictures mean to the students.  She allowed for her students to create photo stories using the images.  Students recorded their voices using a headset with mics.  Mrs Kuhn was able to capture student learning and is excited to create videos for each season throughout the year.  Check out the videos on their class webpage  Please don't forget to leave a brief comment.  Students (and teachers) love feedback.  If you are interested in creating a similar project contact Carol Smith Kuhn to ask questions about her project or Carmen Wedman if you would like some assistance in planning or implementing a project.

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