I have been using my Twitter PLN a little more this year.  As I learn from my peers and coworkers I inevitably come across amazing ideas that either save me time or that I would never have come up with on my own.  Pop lit was one of these amazing ideas.  @JulieeJohnsonn is the creator of an amazing teaching resource called http://www.poplit.net/ .  I recently shared this idea with Jayne Florence.  Jayne has just started to use this site with her class and although there are some bugs to work out both her and her students are finding it to be a positive experience.  Jayne said " We are studying  the elements of a short story and this fit in perfect for character, setting and plot line events.  Great practice and they were super engaged."  Creating Forms is a great use of google documents and I love how @JulieeJohnsonn has pulled together the idea of writing and google forms.    


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