During this project I worked with a teacher to plan a Galileo project that incorporated digital storytelling.  The focus of the project was to have students build assessment criteria for digital storytelling.  The teacher began by having students practice using their assessment criteria to give each other feedback for improvement.  Students practiced their poems with a partner while their partner gave feedback using the class created "Awful vs Awesome" criteria.  We put in place 3 feedback loops for students as they got ready for the "real" taping of their storytelling.  
These included:  
Feedback loop 1: Partner peer feedback  
Feedback loop 2: Class/teacher feedback (saying their story in front of the group)  
Feedback loop 3:  Partner video taped the story telling using a digital camera.  Viewed footage of their story.  Self and Partner feedback.
The final project was video taped by their partner in a "video recording room".  We then uploaded the videos onto their class website for others to view.

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